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Tips To Achieve Bathroom Bliss

The bathroom is one room in the house that is the smallest but it still requires design elements to provide comfort and it consists of a lot of stuff such as medicines, towels, mats and mirrors etc. apart from the hardware all of which easily can lead to clutter. Fortunately there are numerous techniques that you can apply to make your bathroom as comfortable and stylish as possible, without the clutter, and that even without major remodelling. Just make sure that everything in the space is colour coordinated and throw away all unneeded items, next follow some of the tips below for your bathroom bliss.
·         Shelving And Cabinets
Cabinets are the ultimate solution to all clutter problems and if you kitchen can store away your stock in cabinets then why can’t the same be for your small bathroom? Install as many cabinets and shelf as possible and they can be styled by painting over or a touch of lacquer, even glass door cabinets can be installed equipped with small LED lights for beauty. Shelves can be arranged in different lengths or staggered position for visual attraction and attractive boxes can be placed to store extra towels and toilet papers etc. Except for storage, canvas pictures, shells and other decorative items can also be placed on the shelves for beauty.
·         Organise Counters And Vanity
Both the counter and vanity are places where water is occasionally splashed upon and they need to be cleaned almost daily, even more than once in a day during busy times. It’s always hectic to remove each and every item placed on them and then replace it each time thus organise your small items in a tray or wicker baskets for style which can easily be picked up with all the times and replaced when the space is cleaned. They can contain extra hand towels to soaps, potpourri and your dental essentials. If you are a reader then a large wicker basket can even be placed on the floor with a bunch of magazines, books and newspapers!
·         Decorate Your Space
There is no possible way towards bliss without spending a little effort on decor as this is what can lead to calm, serene and attractive place. Think about items that are suitable for the bathroom and would look great inside it. Candles are always calming during a long bath while they also help to remove odours, even if never lighted large gorgeous scented candle can still have a huge effect on the decor. Pictures I believe are an essentiality for all rooms and interesting canvas prints can be placed on the bathroom walls or leaned on shelves while if you are going for an aqua theme then 3D pictures of marine animals will never fail to add a stunning touch. Potted plants can add some life and freshness to any dull corner or a boring vanity.

Author Bio:  Author works as interior design and illustrator for canvas pictures for a collage canvas prints company. 
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